Research Thrust 2:

Resilient Control and Communication of Large-scale systems of Autonomous Vehicles (RC2LAV)


Dr. A. Karimoddini, N.C. A&T


Drs. A. Karimoddini, S. Yi, N.C. A&T; Drs. M. Jamshidi and B. Kelley, UTSA

Research Thrust 2 will develop systematic techniques, tools, and algorithms to enhance the reliability and efficacy of the control structure and the communication backbone for Large Scale Autonomous Systems of Vehicles (LSASVs) integrated with human operators in dynamic and uncertain environments such as a battlefield.


Thrust 2 breaks up this problem into two sub-thrusts:

  • 1) Developing fault tolerant mechanisms for LSASVs.
  • 2) Developing a reliable distributed communication network for LSASVs.