Research Thrust 1:

Modeling, Analysis and Control of Large-scale systems of Autonomous Vehicles (MACLAV)


Dr. M. Jamshidi, UTSA


Drs. J.J. Prevost, Mr. P. Benavidez, UTSA; Dr. A. Karimoddini N.C. A&T


Research Thrust 1 will develop scalable methodologies to improve modeling, analysis, localization, navigation, and control of Large-scale Autonomous Systems of Vehicles (LSASVs). Managing modern large scale systems requires new scalable techniques to integrate communication, control, and computation that can interact with humans through many new and emerging modalities.

Thrust 1 breaks up this problem into two sub-thrusts:

  • 1) Modeling and Analysis of LSASVs.
  • 2) Cooperative Localization, Navigation and Control of LSASVs.