Autonomous Vechile

Sponsored by the TECHLAV Center, four undergraduate students (Alan Kruger, Kenneth Lindsay, William Gray, and Quintin Lassiter) worked at the ACCESS laboratory towards the testbed development and implementation of an autonomous car. Kenneth Lindsay and Alan Kruger developed a ground vehicle which is controlled by Lidar, fused with image information. The prototype was demonstrated during the TECHLAV meeting. A video of the developed vehicle is available at William Gray was working on the development of the robust flight controller and implementation of it on ArDrones. A video of his work is available on Quintin Lassiter was also working on development of the testbed for testing robotic swarm and his work is still under progress. William Gray and Quintin Lassiter both were doing summer internship at Lockheed Martin. A total of eight students worked at the access lab on two senior design projects. One senior design group developed an initial prototype of a hybrid UAV/UGV vehicle. Another senior design group worked on image-based navigation of an autonomous car.