Congressional Delegation

N.C. A&T hosted a Congressional Delegation (CODEL) visit to view DoD/HBCU partnerships sponsored by Representative Anthony G. Brown (D-MD). Among the individuals present were also Representative Alma Adams (D-NC), and Dr. Michael Lomax, president and CEO of UNCF. Representative Brown planned this co-del to give Members of Congress who are not as exposed to what HBCUs are doing, an opportunity to see how well situated they are for the DOD programs of the future, including taking advantage of funding opportunities in artificial intelligence and big data. Out of the institutions recommended to visit, TECHLAV Center was considered because of its strong program. During this visit, Dr. Homaifar, the Director of TECHLAV Center delivered a very informative talk, sharing the vision and mission of the TECHLAV Center, its research updates, collaborations and future sustainability goals. The students were also given an opportunity to share their research outcomes during a poster presentation session and also candidly tell the visitors who they were, what had attracted them to N.C. A&T and the TECHLAV program, as well as their future goals.