Flexible Information Fusion and Battle-space Perception in Contested Environments

This keynote speech was given by Dr. Willard Curtis, from AFRL Munitions Directorate, Technical Advisor, Weapon Dynamics and Control Sciences Branch. The talk was delivered at the 2016 TECHLAV Annual Meeting.

Autonomy: Challenges to Realize the Promise

This keynote speech was given by Ms. Kris Kearns, AFRL Portfolio Manager for Autonomous Systems at the 2016 TECHLAV Annual Meeting.

Robotic Swarms in Action:

Supported by TECHLAV, four students (Brian Bedonie, Sasha Benally, Brad Kaye, and Daron Tewa) are hired to work on autonomous control of rovers in the ICMARS Research and Outreach and Student Education at SIPI. Jonathan West is hired under TECHLAV as the faculty advisor and teaching the special topics course on "Robot Operating System - ROS". The three robots in this video form a "swarm" and are autonomously "foraging" or collecting tags in a 50 ft by 50 ft Swarm area on SIPI campus. They are developed to participate in a national competition at the Kennedy Space Center in April.