Education & Outreach


Dr. J. Kelly, NC A&T; Dr. N. Vadiee, SIPI


TECHLAV promotes a diverse, productive, and prepared workforce with more STEM graduates across three campuses: N.C. A&T, UTSA, and SIPI. The Center will strengthen planned academic programs at N.C. A&T and will increase multidisciplinary and cross-listed courses across these three campuses.

The objectives of the educational and outreach activities within TECHLAV is to attract and expose talented students, in particular underrepresented minorities, to a rich learning environment. The Center will also have outreach activities for K-12 educators, students, and the community at large in autonomy related areas to develop a STEM-educated student pipeline and increase public awareness of TECHLAV. Student mobility is deeply embedded in this project, so much so that doctoral students from N.C. A&T and UTSA will visit respective institutions to share research results and exchange ideas during these visits. Specifically, SIPI has active partnerships with 11 other tribal colleges and will lead the development and curricular integration of the courses at all 11 participating tribal community colleges and three Native American Serving High Schools through collaboration with N.C. A&T and UTSA.

Annually, the Center will support 14 Ph.D. and MS candidates, and 23 undergraduate students. These students will actively participate in the research and outreach efforts of the center. Furthermore, by the end of the fifth year, we expect to have graduated and supported approximately 45 PhD and MS and 105 undergraduate students collectively between N.C. A&T, UTSA and SIPI.